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Every child deserves access to an outstanding education and it is our responsibility to provide it.  We must fully fund our schools and hold educators and policy makers accountable.  We must make it easy for parents to fully participate in this process.

The legislature and the community in partnership can set this right.  That is why I am a strong supporter of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, for oversight of the delivery of special education services, access to higher education for all of our students wishing to attend college, and the development and support of technical and vocational high school curriculum. 


Economic Opportunity

One of the most immediate concerns in our community is economic opportunity.  It demands that we invest in the development of industry, good jobs, equal pay for women, and small business. Minimum wage in NYC is not a livable wage.  Our unions have been our partners – fighting for good jobs and increased wages.  We have to make sure our investment of public dollars supports livable wage jobs and benefits that allow us to remain healthy and care for our family. For that reason I submitted a letter of support to the Governor last fall in favor of paid family and sick leave.


Housing and Home Ownership


The housing crisis in NYC can only be remedied if we have affordable rentals and maintain home ownership.

Housing is an essential need.  We must maintain and develop housing to meet the needs of all members of our community.  I support the development of an affordable housing plan which will provide housing for all segments in the community: seniors, singles and families. 

I support foreclosure prevention programs that protect both homeowners and renters.  I support home ownership deed theft prevention and protection from strong arm sales tactics.


Public Safety

The public safety of our community is consistently challenged by gun violence and inequitable treatment under the law.  We must improve public community relationships. Social justice demands that we create systems for accountability, transparency, safety and respect.

Thus, I support efforts to make data regarding policing practices public and I support the recent introduction of our Neighborhood Coordinating Officers program which is designed to improve and restore productive police community relationships.

We must also develop systems to address the proliferation of synthetic drugs in our community and the trafficking of our young people.


Health Care and Wellness



The success of our community runs parallel with the health of our community.  I support equal health care, regardless of ability to pay and therefore, I support efforts to institute a single payer system in New York State. We must expand our definition of health care to focus more on wellness so there is less need for emergency care. We must have more in-home assistance and better discharge plans for patient care when patients leave the hospital. We need to keep our hospitals open, especially the safety net hospitals which provide care for our most vulnerable. I support staffing for quality care.  We all want patients and residents of nursing homes and rehabilitative care centers to be well cared for.  That demands better minimum staffing controls. Our approach to community health must be multifaceted.  We must demand quality care, safe staffing, fully funded hospitals, access to affordable community-based health care and a clean environment.






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